When: Sunday February 26th, 2017 from 5pm to 8pm

WhereJupiter Moon Art Community Space



  • Interfaith Harmony Music Prayers,
  • Hear real life on-the-ground stories about living Nonviolent Communication in the world,
  • And we will play a fun Indigenous-European-American Medicine Wheel Empathy Game called “4 Choices for Hearing Difficult Messages!!!”
  • There is a Kitchen on site so please bring food to share if you like for after the event when it ends at 8pm.

Why: Practice Nonviolent Communication in service to inner peace, 1 day on Earth where no one is admitted to the hospital due to violence, consciously co-creating healthier relationships, and Interfaith Harmony. This is a benefit concert and play shop to serve giving away 108 Blankets to the Homeless in California with the 108 Needs for Warmth: Homeless Blankets Project.

Suggested Benefit Donation: $25 to serve giving away 108 Blankets to the Homeless in California with the 108 Needs for Warmth: Homeless Blankets Project. No one turned away due to finances.


Bhavani Ma

Marie Bhavani is the founder and director of Jupiter Moon Art. Jupiter Moon Art is a community gathering place for Art, Classes, Meditation, and Local crafted lifestyle goods for all genders and ages. Bhavani is a Yoga asana teacher trained in the lineage of Swami Sivananda and is a student of selfless service, bhakti yoga, and meditation with Amma.

Sri Nath Baba 


Sri Nath Baba (also known as Clayton Stewart Waidler-Barker) has Indigenous European-North-American roots from Celtic, Gaelic, Druid, Scandinavian, Saxon, and Tuiton tribal cultures and grew up in Santa Rosa, CA. Sri Nath has been sharing and studying a unique & imperfect, yet progressing understanding of Transformative Communication (Yoga + Nonviolent Communication) with schools, 6 prisons, organizations, universities, spiritual centers, and intentional communities across North America, Asia, Europe, and Maui since 2007.  Sri Nath loves singing interfaith harmony music to inspire peace and justice, within and without. Sri Nath is a novice beginner student of selfless service, bhakti yoga, kirtan, bhajans, and meditation with Amma. He also practices organic Edible Gardening, and a variety of compost making techniques, including humanure composting from human urine and human excreta. He recently received the boon of a new spiritual name, Sri Turd, from Narayana Baba, here in Sebastopol, California!

May all beings be peaceful and happy!

May pure Beloved Divine Energy bless you always in all ways!